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The Lightwalker Laser

LASER is abbreviation for ´light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation´. Albert Einstein developed the theory of lasers in 1917. The first production and use of lasers began in 1960s and in the following years all the advantages of lasers have been discovered. Nowadays it is hard to imagine doing many jobs without it.

Lasers have also been used in medicine. Thanks to lasers, surgical procedures that  have been challenging, nowadays can be done in short time. Surgeries without blood, treatments and procedures in many branches of medicine are now done on daily basis in practices. Laser waves can be very precise, so they are used for breaking up kidney stones, their canals, gall-bladder, pancreas and salivary glands. It removes hemangioma, burns, tattoos and warts from skin, it is used in ophthalmology (detachment of the retina, decreasing dioptry) and surgery.

Nowadays, lasers are often used in dental practices, as well as in our Studio Stradiot.

LIGHTWALKER is our choice.

Generally speaking, lasers can be very helpful to stomatologists, but there are some differences between models. Our dental practice uses the LIGHTWALKER laser ( The treatments that can be done with it sound almost unreal: it can treat dental caries, it can be used for paradontological treatments, endodontics, children’ stomatology, receding gums treatment, implant opening, frenectomy, healing wounds without stitches, removal of herpes and mouth ulcers. All this is painless and quick thanks to the Lightwalker laser.


Because with just one device we can easily do all the needed treatments to solve our client’s problems. Lighwalker laser is more precise than most of other lasers because it combines the Nd:YAG laser (which isn’t absorbed in water and therefore penetrates deeply into tissue) and Er:YAG laser (which is absorbed in water and it is used in treatments where the water is needed and is less invasive). Besides, it also has a coagulation effect, which significantly reduces and prevents bleeding in the oral cavity.

Lighwalker laser also helps our personnel in gaining full control and wider range of movement while using this laser.

The software allows an easy configurations setting and the hardware is fully adjusted for the most performed movements during dental treatments. All experts agreed on what is said above and you can also convince yourself in the efficiency of Lightwalker laser in the Dental Studio Stradiot.

Despite all advantages of the laser, the doctor of dental medicine who manages the laser must be well educated in order to prevent possible injuries of both patient and doctor. Just for comparison, even the best x-ray or ultrasound device can be bad if used by an unprepared expert.

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