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Aesthetic stomatology


In our practice we also install tooth jewelry which is attached to the tooth surface with special methods without damaging the enamel in the process. Every jewel can be removed from the surface of the tooth any time with a simple method of polishing.


Tooth whitening is a process in aesthetic stomatology chosen by a growing number of patients. White teeth make your smile more beautiful and shining and a beautiful smile and white teeth are everyone’s wish. However, keeping your teeth white during the years is not easy. Luckily, tooth whitening is an extremely effective and routine procedure after which changes are visible.

Tooth whitening at home and in a practice

It is possible to white your teeth by yourself, but it won’t have the same effect as the whitening done by a professional and expert in a practice. Different toothpastes and products can remove the pigments resulting from coffee or cigarettes consumption, but cannot whiten the teeth as much as it is possible to do in a practice. Besides, this kind of tooth whitening can be risky for what gums are concerned (gingiva), especially if the manufacture’s instructions are not strictly followed.

Tooth whitening in a dental practice is, in any case, the recommended choice. First of all, the risk of side effects is minimal. Although many have looked with skepticism on tooth whitening, many researches have shown that there are not any risks with this procedure. Besides, the result is of a far better quality, which also means whiter teeth and a more beautiful smile.

Consultations and expectations

An interview with the stomatologist before the procedure of tooth whitening can help the patient to create a picture of the entire process and to determine realistic expectations. It could be said that there are three levels of tooth whitening. Yellow shades of teeth are the easiest to whiten and the results are excellent. If the teeth have already assumed a light-brown color the whitening will be very successful, but less visible, while the grey shades are the hardest to whiten.

Also, it is important to consult with the stomatologist if you have fillings in your teeth or you have been submitted to procedures on your teeth (endodontics). The stomatologist can work according to that and tell you honestly what are the expectations and the possibilities of the procedure.

The most modern equipment

The American dental company Ultradent and their most modern equipment are the guaranty for a quality procedure. In addition, Stradiot practice uses a laser during the tooth whitening, which improves the results of the whitening.