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Porcelain Veeners

Porcelain Veeners or dental „tiles“, are made of pure ceramics and are attached with special methods to the previously prepared front surface of the tooth, without the necessity to abrade the whole tooth.

Along with the ceramic dental „tiles“, composite facets are also available, but they are of a lower quality because, due to the structure of the material, are subject to color changing.

Besides, today’s methods exclude completely the abrasion of the teeth. Instead of that, a method of minimal grinding is used, and that is exclusively done on the front surface of the teeth, in a as thin layer as possible so to stay, if possible, on the enamel of the tooth. Approximately half of a millimeter of the tooth is grinded, which is really insignificant if we know that the enamel of the tooth has in average 1,5 to 2 mm.

Due to the multiple functionality and the brilliant imitation of the natural tooth, the dental „tiles“ (also known as veneers) are considered a perfect solution to improve the look and the function of the front teeth. The multiple functionality comprises the improvement of the look by changing the shape, color and size of the teeth. Thanks to modern technology, it is possible to correct easily the most various irregularity for what layout, size, color and shape are concerned. Although this whole estimation must be done very carefully because every shape and the correction of every irregularity, and especially the enlargement of a tooth, not only doesn’t suite every face, but also changes the personality of the face. Besides all that, it is also necessary to analyze carefully the bite in order to allow the work to fit in a beautiful and functional smile.

From the introduction visit to the final cementation of the tile to the teeth

The process of the teeth fixation begins with the visit to a stomatologist who will establish with this introduction visit if the dental tiles are really necessary and, if they are, he will introduce the patient with the process of production in order to keep him completely informed about everything.

The next step is the already mentioned grinding of the teeth enamel which is completely painless, but can also be done under local anesthesia if the patient requires it. After the grinding, the dentist makes a precise impression of the teeth that is sent to the laboratory for analysis where it is analyzed by the technician and the stomatologist.

During the time that the veneers are being made, the patient has temporary veneers which are made in the dental practice from synthetic materials or, if a higher correction is necessary, they can be done in the laboratory according to the impression that the doctor of dental medicine has made.

If the patient is not satisfied, the veneers can be corrected (of course, up to the limit of their functionality, because medical indications are after all on the first place in every procedure in dental medicine while followed by aesthetics and general appearance as much as possible, but always individually in every patient).

In case that everything is as wanted, the veneers are permanently cemented.

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